Frequently Asked Questions

With some wines taking 10 years or more to reach maturity, the quality and longevity of your wine cellar refrigeration system is vital. It is important to have consistent temperature and humidity conditions for proper storage of wine. Warmer or varying temperatures may result in flat aromas and flavors. Proper humidification is equally important to ensure the safety of the cork. Dried cork due to low humidity may result in air infiltration into the wine bottle. The optimal temperature of your wine is between 55 and 58 degrees, with a humidity range of 50-75%.

It is very important to used a licensed mechanical contractor for most climate control applications. Most failures of climate control equipment are a result of improper installation. Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions is an authorized and exclusive distributor for all Wine Guardian products. We are a licensed mechanical contractor with specific experience in the proper construction of custom wine rooms, which gives our customers the peace of mind in knowing that their premium wines are being stored correctly. We will advise our customers on the proper sizing and type of Wine Guardian cooling system to meet the design and specifications of their wine room.

Regular maintenance is recommended to maintain the life of the climate control equipment. It is recommended to service the system once a year, which will help to extend the life of your investment.

It is strongly recommended that a licensed mechanical contractor with experience in both HVAC and refrigeration service your climate control system. For service of Wine Guardian products in your local, contact Wine Guardian.