CS050 Wine Wall Cooling System with an Extreme Climate Protect (to minus 20º F) Condensing Unit

A self-contained, ducted wine cellar cooling unit for small residential and commercial wine cellars. Available in either an air-cooled or water-cooled configuration.


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The CS050 Wine Wall Cooling System with Extreme Climate Protection allows the system to operate in colder ambient temperatures than the base model can.


Detailed Description

The CS050 Wine Wall Cooling System uses the same components as the Ceiling Mount Cooling system, however, its grille is designed to integrate completely flush with the ceiling. The maximum capacity for this system is 4,300 BTU/H.

The CS050 ceiling mount wine room cooling unit is a quiet, split wine conditioning system that is ideal for small- to mid-size wine rooms with no space to install a traditional unit. This unit was designed specifically for ceiling-mounting and fits comfortably between standard joist construction— making it ideal for applications such as a wine storage display with living space around it or an all-glass wine room. The maximum capacity for the CS025 ceiling mount wine cooling system is 2,900 BTU/H.


The CS050 self-contained wine cellar cooling unit includes as standard:

  • Temperature/Humidity remote interface controller
  • 50 foot communications cable


 ** For a more detailed sizing, please contact Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions at (877) 704-2913 or email us at sales@winecoolingsolutions.com



  • Length – 44.19” (evaporator)
  •                34” (condenser)
  • Height – 11.43” (evaporator)
  •                26” (condenser)
  • Width- 12.44” (evaporator)
  •              12.3” (condenser)
  • Weight – 43 lbs (evaporator)
  •                75 lbs (condenser)
  • Capacity- 4050 BTU/h at 80°F ambient
  • Electrical – 115v/1ph/60hz (evaporator)
  •                  208-230v/1ph/60hz (condenser)


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