SS018 Base Model Ductless Split Wine Cellar Cooling System

A self-contained, ductless wine cellar cooling unit for small residential and commercial wine cellars. Available in either an air-cooled or water-cooled configuration.


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The SS018 Ductless Split wine cellar cooling unit is a cutting-edge system versatile enough for either surface-mounting or through-the-wall mounting in small cellars which have no room for mechanical equipment or are unable to accommodate ductwork.


The SS018 ductless split wine cellar cooling unit includes as standard:
  • Built in temperature/humidity controller.
  • Surface or through the wall mounting bracket

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Detailed Description

The SS018 wine cellar cooling system comes with a variety of options and accessories. The Low Ambient option protects your wine collection from low (below 40°F to a minimum of 0°F) ambient temperatures. The Electric Heat option is a factory-mounted heater which is available to protect your cellar from getting too cold. Our Serving Temperature option allows wine to be stored at serving temperature (42°F to 64°F) instead of storage temperature. Pairing the SS018 with our freestanding humidifier allows humidity control within the cellar.



  • Length- 13.31” (fan coil)
  •               34” (condenser)
  • Width- 14.25” (fan coil)
  •             12.33” (condenser)
  • Height- 15.87” (fan coil)
  •              26” (condenser)
  • Weight- 25 lbs (fan coil)
  •               75 lbs (condenser)
  • BTU/H rating 2800 @ 80 degrees F
  • Electrical- 115v/1ph/60hz (fan coil)
  • 208-230v/1ph/60hz (condenser)


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